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HavAKar Certification Checklist

Audio & Alarm Systems

  • Complete inspection of dashboard entertainment functioning
  • Antenna present and functioning
  • Audio system capacity at all volume levels
  • Alarm system working properly ( if equipped)
  • Keyless Entry System Functioning (if equipped)

Battery System

  • Free of corrosion
  • Place in proper location
  • Proper size and secure
  • Condition of cables

Braking System

  • Inspection of brakes, callipers, lines and hoses
  • Vibrations during braking
  • ABS functioning accordingly
  • Parking brake functioning properly
  • Inspection of excessive grooving and heat check of rotors & drums
  • Brake travel and free play is normal

Emission and State Inspection

  • Required Province emission test completed

Engine Compartment

  • Maintenance of engine oil and filter
  • Inspection of sludge
  • Close inspection for any fluid leaks
  • Correct engine idle during startups
  • Abnormalities in engine noise at cold start
  • Throttle does not stick during cold start
  • Warm up drivability
  • Hot engine drivability
  • Engine temperature during normal operations
  • Function of engine fans
  • Engine vibration and droning
  • Drive belts and hoses free of cracks and damage
  • Well maintained engine mounts
  • Inspection of under-hood labels and decals
  • Under-hood fluids well maintained and uncontaminated
  • Clean engine compartment
  • Clean under-hood heat insulator
  • Engine free of excessive dressing
  • Air filter inspection
  • All fluids levels OK: oil, brake, clutch, transmission, transfer case, washer and power steering

Engine Coolant & HVAC system

  • Proper function of engine coolants at hot and cold levels
  • Gravity of coolant specific to -31 Fahrenheit
  • Normal operating A/C cooling
  • Parking brake functioning properly
  • A/C refrigerant sight glass clear
  • Normal heater operations

Exterior Condition & Appearance

  • Clean exterior free of road residue

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