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Founder's Letter

It is with a mix of excitement and sentimentality that I welcome you to our new website, designed to provide a modern snapshot of what we do and who we are at HAVAKAR Auto Group.


This is also a great opportunity for me to thank all of our valued customers and our incredible team for your continued loyalty over our 40 years in business. Our long-held relationship with our clients, staff and suppliers is the pinnacle of our success and what distinguishes HAVAKAR as the most trusted independent auto dealer in Ontario.

It's amazing to look back on four decades of business. We've endured so many changes and enjoyed tremendous growth. Yet our core values and mission have remained exactly the same since we opened our doors in October 1975 - a year that turned out so many other classic brands and groundbreaking moments in our history. A year I remember it like it was yesterday?

Along with the birth of HAVAKAR in 1975 came the first BMW 3 series, the first Cadillac Seville, the first Jaguar XJ-S and the North American introduction of the Volkswagen Rabbit.

Outside the car business, it was the year we saw Motorola patent the first mobile phone, BIC launch the first disposable razor, Muhammad Ali beat Joe Fraser in the "Thrilla in Manila," and the end of the Vietnam War. It was also the year the laser printer was invented, Saturday Night Live debuted and Tiger Woods was born.

As it goes, the classic stuff lives on and the best of it just keeps getting better with age. At HAVAKAR, that's our core commitment to quality product and unparalleled customer-driven service.

As we continue to evolve alongside a changing market and meet the astute demands of our customers, our core values continue to define our business acumen.

As fiercely competitive as ever (and even better with age), today's HAVAKAR offers a full-suite of automotive leasing, buying, selling, trade-in, sourcing and financing services for both consumer and commercial customers.

As a fully integrated independent auto group, we offer the highest level of full-service convenience and expertise, while we remain nimble and able to provide creative financing solutions, tailored to each of our customer's various needs.

We offer a one-of-a-kind turnkey experience and complete accountability on all our consumer and commercial vehicles. We pride ourselves on our pristine, pre-owned inventory comprised of only the best of our off-lease fleet.

Through our network of key dealerships, we enjoy unique price advantages and priority access to the best of the pre-owned market across Canada and the U.S. And most recently, we augmented our Consumer Business Division to include equipment leasing, because our automotive customers demanded it.

Because your personal automotive and commercial needs are our business, we listen to what you want and we make it happen. That's been our mission since day 1.

Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions, concerns or feedback. My line is always open to you.


Terry Green

HAVAKAR founder & president