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Terry Green, President - Consumer Leasing
416.787.1718 ex.222

Mr. Terry Green is President of Hav-A-Kar since 1975, and has been the driving force behind the development and growth of the company. Terry's vision was to develop a company that would differentiate him from the competition by offering competitive prices, along with personal services not offered in the industry. Terry is a member of CFLA Leasing Association and sits as a member of the automotive committee.

Ron Rubinoff, Executive Vice President - Consumer Leasing
416-787-1718 ex.230

Mr. Ron Rubinoff was past President of Lease-Win Limited and was actively involved in sales and leasing, as well as the day to day supervision of the company. Ron has been with Lease-Win since 1975 and was part of the driving force behind Lease-Win's success and part of the process to take the company public.

Ron joined Hav-A-Kar Auto Group in 2008 as part of the executive team, and continues to provide clients with quality service, while seeking out growth opportunities for the company.

Ron is currently a Board member of the Canadian Finance and Leasing Association and he is also part of the Automotive Fleet Committee of the association.

Sheldon Richman, Vice President - Consumer Leasing
416.787.1718 ex.233

Mr. Sheldon Richman was Past President of Lease-Plan Auto Leasing and joined Lease-Win as Vice-President from 1991 to 2008. Sheldon then joined Hav-A-Kar Auto Group in 2008 in the the same capacity. Sheldon has brought with him to Hav-A-Kar his extensive experience in the Automobile business along with a valuable set of personal customer relationships which he has developed over his 35 plus years within the industry.

Steven Justein, Vice - President
416-787-1718 ex.225

Mr. Steven Justein has been with the Hav-A-Kar Auto Group team since 2009. For over 20 years, Steven operated his own business venture importing and exporting used vehicles. Steven decided to join the Hav-A-Kar team as he felt we had the best fleet of used vehicles coming off lease. Steven is responsible for the appraisal and selling of all used vehicles off lease. He is also responsible for acquiring off lease vehicles at the request of our loyal clientele. His passion and love towards the automotive industry has played a large role in the success of our organization.

Barry Thomas, Vice President - Consumer Leasing

Mr. Barry Thomas has 20 years of car sales experience under his belt and has been a member of the Hav-A-Kar Auto Group since 2004. As an automotive enthusiast, being involved in assisting many clients is simply an extension of what he does during his leisure time at home. His twice-weekly blog, "Wheel to Wheel" has been read by well over a million people.

"Hav-A-Kar is a great place to work, as everyone is willing to pitch in and help to make sure our clients are well served. "One stop" shopping is high on the list of reasons my clients find dealing with myself and Hav-A-Kar so appealing. Whether leasing, financing, or paying cash for any make or model, being able to deal with one unbiased salesperson is a real perk. Personally, dealing with every make and model, keeps me informed and interested. Since I try to keep up on all current models and changes, I feel I can give my clients valuable advice. All part of the "one stop" experience.

I always look forward to hearing from my repeat clients and also those who are new to our company

Check out my blog: Barry Thomas' Wheel to Wheel


Shirley Moumouris, Controller - Consumer Leasing
416-787-1718 ex.221

Mrs. Shirley Moumouris CGA has been with Hav-A-Kar for the past 31 years. Shirly has been instrumental in the growth of Hav-A-Kar and was responsible for implementing the accounting systems to enable Hav-A-Kar to meet the electronic challenges of the future.

Ildi Sandor, Lease Administrator
416-787-1718 ex.227

Mrs.Ildi Sandor has been with Hav-A-Kar Auto Group since 2008 and continues to play a crucial role within the organization. As a member of our team, Ildi is responsible for the lease administration issues including lease contracts, licensing and insurance.

Diane Kress, Administrator
416-787-1718 ext. 228

Carmen Ciancio, Service Manager - Service
416-787-1718 ex.223

Mr. Carmen Ciancio has been a part of the Hav-A-Kar Auto Group organization for 26 years. As a team with experience, Carmen and Vince are an extremely essential to the daily operations within the organization. Together, they are responsible for all the service maintenance performed on each and every single Hav-A-Kar vehicle.

Vince Devito, Service Manager - Service
406-787-1718 ex.224

Mr. Vince Devito has been a part of the Hav-A-Kar Auto Group organization for 20 years. As a team with experience, Vince and Carmen are an extremely essential to the daily operations within the organization. Together, they are responsible for all the service maintenance performed on each and every single Hav-A-Kar vehicle.