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Tokyo Dreams

Nov 2: Tokyo dreams

The 2015 Tokyo Auto Show. Always a great place to check out what is really weird in the auto concept world. Not sure which is stranger, though, the names or the designs, but trust me, they are both peculiar.

Ever wonder if a manufacturer would ever produce something like this, a car(?) which would appeal to your weird inner self? And if produced, what cool name would you put on it? How about the Honda Wander Stand? I don't get it either, but that will apply to most of these odd balls or bold moves. I guess, it depends on your point of view. And in case you were wondering, yes, it is a real car, not a mobile phone booth (remember those?).

Ah, but being a more practical type, you lean towards a family friendly small van. Tired of the humdrum people movers, we so often see at the local soccer games? Want something like this Toyota Alphard Hercule?


Who wouldn't enjoy cruising the 'hood in this mystery van? Mystery, since I wonder what designer or executive figured that this would be a family friendly look? Scare the neighbourhood kids year around, not just at Halloween.

Like the usefulness of a smaller suv or van type of vehicle, but Nissan's concept is a little too out there for a reclusive soul like you?  Then check out, the Nissan Teatro For Dayz........

Hey, would I kid you? That's really its name. So once again, go figure.

Still can't see exactly the small practical van, that will suit your purpose? Ok, let's try again.......

I think this could be the one. Unique design and unique paint scheme. Kind of looks like the old GM Futureliner from the 1950's (squint real hard, please). The name? Suzuki Air Triser. Sounds reasonable, if you know what a "triser" is. Almost makes their other concept, the Mighty Deck look normal......

Time for something really weird.........

Here it is, telling you its name, the Toyota Gosei Flesby. If those sides look soft, it's because they are padded. Corporate thinking? That this ultra small urban car could be roaming the city and the burbs by 2030. Lots of time to get used to its, shall we be kind and say, unusual looks?

Now this next one has got me worried. The Toyota S-FR.......

Why? Because Toyota is planning this as a Mazda MX-5 (think Miata) competitor. Have they seen the MX-5 lately? I'm guessing the answer is no, since this one looks like a cartoon car, not a little sports coupe. Maybe better for its island home than for North America.

Another unusual Toyota is the Kikai..........

Might be cute, if the rest of the body panels were put on it. But then again, it would be just another urban warrior concept. Show off its innards and it becomes a stand out (although not out standing, ok?).

And now one that could actually hit the street today........


Daihatsu's Noriori is an extremely practical little van that, is set up for the wheel chair bound client. Low floor and big doors make it easy for its passenger to climb aboard (well, maybe not actually climb). Neat vehicle nevertheless. But couldn't they have come up with a funnier name?

Now back to reality with this latest version of a home market Honda, the N-Box Slash...........

Cute, but with a name to die for.

Whether you are a fan of Japanese cars or not, one has to give them A+ for creativity in both their vehicles' names and designs. Ever seen things (hard to call them cars, isn't it?) like this at a North American show or in Europe? I think not and thank goodness!.

Until next time........
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